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How to make a website have a better optimization effect
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How to make a website have a better optimization effect? Many websites' traffic comes from natural search, and optimization of search engines is a key aspect. Many companies occasionally conduct kpi assessments of the natural search rankings of websites, including the number of web pages included, the number of website visits, the number of keywords, and the number of external links on the website. These values directly reflect the performance of the site's search engine.

1.Inclusion ratio of website

One of the main points of checking the natural search optimization situation is inclusion. I believe that the summary report of any company will compare the number of entries this time with the number of entries last time. If you analyze these data in depth, for example, would it be the same to update 1,000 to include 100 articles and update 100 to include 90 articles? This is definitely different. How to make a website depends on how many pages are included in the search engine and how many pages are included after each page update? It's all about accounting. We can even calculate the entry ratio of each column and then adjust it according to the situation.

2, pv, ip ratio

After calculating the PV and IP of the website, have you considered the connection between PV and IP? If the PV value of the website is not the same as the IP, for example, the PV is 100 and the IP is 10, then it means uniform IP. 10 articles have been viewed on this site and the content on the site is highly anticipated. Generally speaking, the larger the PV / IP multiple of the website, the better. A ratio of 2: 1 is within the normal range. But the proportion of different types of websites is also different.

3.Keyword ratio

The keyword ratio is the comparison of the number of keywords on the website and the number of website entries, that is, how many keywords appear in the entered articles. How to make a website? The keyword mentioned here refers to the user entering the website by looking up the keyword, which can be calculated in Baidu and seen in CNZZ. This ratio is the keyword power reflected in the natural search results, and also indicates the current optimization level of the website page. The larger the ratio, the greater the dedication of the pages included. This ratio needs to be based on a large amount of data, which can be analyzed every few months.

4.Flow ratio

The traffic ratio is based on how many PVs have occurred based on the keywords mentioned above, which is the PV / keyword number of the website. The higher the ratio, the more each keyword contributes to the website ’s traffic, and the better the keyword ’s optimization performance.

How to make a website have a better optimization effect? I believe that everyone knows it now, so when you are building a website, you may wish to refer to these matters to achieve a good optimization effect.

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