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What are the web design considerations
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We are no strangers to web pages. Because the Internet is becoming more and more developed, we can browse various web pages every day. Some web designs are very beautiful and immediately attract our attention. What exactly are these web design production processes? It definitely aroused the curiosity of most people. The design of the web page needs to pay attention to two points, which are the overall style and color combination, which are introduced below.

First, the overall style of website design

This overall style is difficult to learn because the design of this style does not have any fixed pattern for reference and learning. After all, the website that is designed for different people is completely different. And this kind of thing is very abstract, you can turn it into something concrete without listening. Style refers to the feeling given to a person. The overall image is composed of factors such as logos, colors, fonts, slogans, layout, browsing style, interactivity, text, and various contents.

Second, color matching

Whether it's a real graphic design that can be seen, or some web design that we browse. Color is always important. After all, when browsing a page, the first thing you see is the color of the page, not the patterns and pictures of the page design. There are also rules for web design colors, which can be divided into three colors.

1. To use a color, first specify a color. By adjusting the transparency and saturation, the page looks uniform and has a sense of layering.

2. With two colors, you can choose one color, and then compare and choose another color.

3, choose a color that feels comfortable, this color has light blue, khaki or other colors that give visual comfort.

There are still taboos when choosing colors. You can choose some colors, but not more than five colors. The color of the background and the color of the text must be different, otherwise it will cause visual interference.

The above is an overview of the precautions for webpage design, as well as some suggestions and taboos for webpage design. When designing a webpage, you may refer to these matters to design a more perfect website.

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