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Website construction customers need to prepare information
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Dear customer, Yandi Technology appreciates your trust and support, and hopes to provide you with the best service in the next work!

In order to make your website better reflect your corporate culture and business philosophy, and have a better publicity effect, please provide the following information:

The information should be clear and complete. We will suggest you a way to file. Please create a folder according to the column name, and put the corresponding text and pictures in each folder (as shown in the figure below).

Note: In order to avoid duplication of labor and improve work efficiency, materials should be provided in electronic file format as much as possible, and pictures are in GIF or JPG format.

1. The name of the website? (Suizhou Yandi Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

Before creating a website, you can give your website a name in advance. If it is a company or corporate website, you can use your company's name to add the main business, or you can use the abbreviation of the company name. If it is an industry or content website, you can use ×× clothing show; ×× online. The webpage name should not be too short or too long. Generally speaking, 6-15 Chinese characters are ideal, and it is better not to exceed 30 Chinese characters.

2. What are the specific sections of the website? (Such as company introduction, product display, corporate news, recruitment, contact us, etc.); sort the documents and pictures corresponding to the website columns.

Corporate websites are generally: company introduction, product display, corporate news, recruitment, contact us, etc. These columns are basically universal. According to different situations, we can provide customers with a website construction topology diagram scheme. Generally, the scheme will include column settings, and customers can select the columns as a reference.

3. The content of the homepage of the website? (Such as company profile, logo, corporate culture, corporate news, contact information, etc.)

As for the content of the homepage of the website, you can suggest what content you want to be reflected on the homepage, such as company profile, company logo, contact information, product pictures, and so on.

4. Some requirements on website design? (Such as overall style, color, panel reference, etc.)

Overall style requirements:

Color requirements (color of the website):

Reference website (the website of your favorite colleague or different line is used as the reference for the layout or content, and it is clearly marked whether it is a layout reference or a content reference):

Yandi Technology wishes you a happy work!

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