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The difference between single line, double line and multi-line of virtual host
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Many customers will have this problem when purchasing virtual hosts. Which virtual space is better for single-line virtual hosts, dual-line virtual hosts, and multi-line virtual hosts. Yandi Technology generally recommends the use of dual-line virtual hosts to customers. First of all, it solves the problem of interconnection between China Telecom and China Netcom users. Second, it has a unique advantage in website optimization because it has two lines. The access speed can indeed take care of website visitors from different lines, improve the user-friendly experience of the website, and the stability of the dual-line host is very high. Search engines will also be easier to crawl the website pages, and the website ranking effect is outstanding.

Question 1: What is single line, dual line, multi-line?

Single line: Single line space refers to either China Netcom, Telecom, or mobile. If the host is Netcom, when accessing via Netcom line, you are fast when you visit, but the telecommunication user is slower. Conversely, if the host is telecommunication, when you are accessing via telecommunication line, you are fast when you visit, but when the Netcom user is visiting Slower. The phrase “The furthest distance in the world is not China and the United States, but telecommunications and China Netcom” has been circulating in space for a long time. It means that there is a problem in single-line space.

Two-line: The two-line space is also known as the intelligent two-line virtual host and the intelligent two-line website space. It is a smart two-line virtual host service specially launched to solve the problem of interconnection between China Southern and North Telecom and China Netcom users. The two-line space refers to the server using BGP two-line access technology. The two lines include China Netcom (North) and China Telecom (South). At present, it is faster to access the two-line server room through telecommunications and Netcom networks.

Multi-line: Multi-line space does not mean simply connecting telecommunications, China Netcom, China Railcom, China Unicom, China Science and Technology Network, and Education Network directly to the server, but through related network equipment and technical means. Simply put, multi-line technology can make users on the server or space in a multi-line computer room or other sites access the same speed when being accessed.

Question 2: Why aren't dual-line and multi-line as fast as I can get on Telecom?

I am a telecommunications adsl online, and my test results are:

The speed you receive in the telecommunications room: 98.4Kbyte / s

The speed you receive in the two-line computer room: 57.2Kbyte / s

The speed you receive in the multi-line computer room: 50Kbyte / s

The speed you receive from China Netcom's computer room: 2.6Kbyte / s

A: The advantage of dual-line and multi-line is that no matter what kind of network your customers use to access your website, the speed is faster, and all users access it more evenly.

For example, if your website is placed in a telecommunications room and you access it with telecommunications adsl, it has a speed of 98K / s, which is very fast; but your Northern Netcom user can only access it at a speed of 2.6K / s. More than 1 minute or even longer, most users will give up visiting your website.

If your website is placed in a two-line computer room, you can access it at a speed of 57K by telecommunications, and your Netcom users generally have a speed of 30k ~ 100k, which all feels much faster than the original telecommunications. (Generally, the access speed is more than 30k, and the web page opening time will be about 5 seconds, so the visitors can basically adapt)

If your website is placed in a multi-line computer room, users of networks such as telecommunications, China Netcom, China Railcom, China Mobile, education network, and long and wide networks will be faster to access!

After all, the website is made for users at home and abroad, not just for themselves.

Question 3: Why is a two-line computer room more expensive than a multi-line computer room?

A: Because the two-line computer room is relatively stable, the operating cost is high, so the virtual host is also relatively expensive.

Question 4: What is the difference between a two-line computer room and a multi-line computer room? What are their advantages?

A: According to experience, two-line computer rooms are more stable. However, due to the limited bandwidth of two-line computer rooms, the monthly traffic limit of each virtual host is smaller, which is not suitable for websites with a large number of visitors. Therefore, the host with a large number of visits is recommended to choose a multi-line computer room; for users with extremely high stability requirements, please choose a two-line computer room. Regarding which kind of space is better to choose when buying, this mainly depends on everyone's needs. If your service target is the whole country and the traffic is relatively large, of course, it is much better to choose a multi-line. If you target your county and that The county seat only has telecommunications or China Netcom, so you can choose two lines.

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